I’m Already Planning My Winter Wardrobe – Yes In September!


Yeah okay, I know that it might seem a little over the top to be trying to figure out what i’ll be stepping out in this winter but the fact of the matter is, plan ahead and you should be able to net yourself some pretty impressive deals ahead of time.

I’m over in the UK right now and that means that unlike the winters of shorts and vest tops that I am so used to back home in Australia, my wardrobe has to be able to give me that warming feeling, even during the latter end of the so called ‘Summer season’ here.

Now don’t get me wrong, I might well have said that I am planning my winter outfits but that doesn’t mean that you will see me walking through the centre of London hauling bags packed with gloves and mittens, instead i’m trying to see what I grab at a cheaper price in November’s sales.

Okay so looking now might not be revealing the latest collections to me but there are a number of fashion fundamentals that I always look to have in good supply and it helps to know that when you are faced with a flash sale for women’s clothing like we have become accustom to thanks to the UK’s willingness to adopt the Black Friday mentality, it helps to know what you are looking out for.

I’ll be looking to create some more fashion guides like the Gatsby costume one that I did which will take you through what inspired my choices and what it looks like when finished, but in the meantime, maybe you should be planning what you want to get your hands on next time the prices are slashed and the goodies are up for grabs?

Oh the BEAST has landed!

Smok TFV8 Cloud Beast Tank UK

So things have been going well with me and my vaping journey over the past few months and just when i think that I have found the perfect set up, something like this happens!

I bought myself the Griffin 25 RTA and have been loving the fact that its a clear upgrade to the original Griffin tank that I had, the airflow added at the top makes it a much more airy draw and thats as far away from smoking a cigarette as possible, ideal.

Just when it seemed that me and my vape were in that comfortable part of a relationship the news hits that there is a new tank in circulation… Something that claims that its going to be the next revolution…

Welcome the BEAST, the Smok TFV8 tank.

I mean this thing looks fierce, boasts coils that are meant to work as turbo engines to push the vapour flooding into your mouth and gives you the option to build your own… Looks like its time I brought in some competition for the Griffin 25…

Means that those shoes that I had my eye on will have to wait until the end of the month now then I guess.

Is Vaping Becoming Part Of A Fashion Style Trend?


Okay so i’ve never been a smoker, nor have that many of my friends but since travelling the world a little bit, I have seen that smoking is part of everyday life for so many people.

Now as a girl that would rather buy a new item of clothing per week than literally burn my money day in, day out, I have to question what it is that ever drew people to smoking in the first place, I mean I have spoken with smokers who have even told me that they find it as unhealthy and disgusting as many of us non-smokers, but times are changing.

During a recent visit to the UK to visit a couple of friends that I saw while travelling, one thing became apparent while we were walking through the busy streets of London, e-cigarettes were everywhere.

Now back home in Australia, we don’t have that, yeah we have the smokers and those that say that they would quit if they could but over in the UK it seems that people are trying to do more about, taking on the ‘vaping’ mentality and they seem to be as common as the latest fashion collection by a leading fashion house. Literally everywhere.

Speaking to Alice and Sean (the couple that I was over in the UK to visit and my very handy tourist guide for the two weeks I was there), they told me that e-cigarettes were really taking off, not like a typical technological craze but instead it was more of an upward trend, kind of like a designer having their latest collection sold on a global scale.

There was everything from guys walking about with big, sometimes over-sized box look alikes through to women walking by with smaller, somewhat more girly pen-style ones, it was crazy.

Now those of you that know me will know that I am one of those women that simply needs to know the what, where, when and why of things, so naturally I wanted to find out just how wide-spread this market was… I mean is this solely something to do with London or is that something that is happening everywhere and us Aussies are just behind the times (again?).

I managed to speak with the two gentlemen that own online eliquid selling website www.SnakeVape.co.uk, who were very generous in their offer to answer some of the questions that I had about the whole ‘vaping’ vibe that seems to have taken over the UK.

Now i’m not going to cover all of the conversation that we had as to be honest, not knowing anything other than there are men and women walking about with all shapes and sizes of e-cigarettes, some of the questions seemed to be a little ‘basic’ to say the least, but what was interesting was what they said about the industry itself;

“Vaping has become a major pass time for people, both smokers and non-smokers alike, however don’t be fooled into the stories that claim that those non-smokers were pulled into it by the sale of e-cigarettes as a whole, shisha contains no nicotine while eliquids do, there is a clear choice and difference even there.”

When asked about the differences between what I had seen in relation to the e-cigarettes on the street, they told me “The marketplace is growing and is working to provide a suitable selection of different styles for people to be able to own.

There are more subtle, smaller pen like devices that are cost effective and less ‘in your face’, then you have the flip side of that with the much bigger devices that offer the ability for vapers to be able to customise their whole vaping experience.”

For me, I just don’t see the appeal unless you are looking to stop smoking (as the claims state that these can help) but one thing was for sure, the lady that I saw walking past Topshop in London was clearly thinking about her own style as she walked past with her pink open toe shoes clearly matching her e-cigarette.

Let’s Talk About Thongs…


As an Australian I think nothing of writing something about leather thongs. However, I hadn’t given much thought to what this might mean to our European cousins. It would appear that some would assume I wasn’t talking about footwear at all. They would think that I was telling them about a G-string……in leather or perhaps even rubber. To make this as post as enlightening as possible let me clear up the terms that they use. What we call thongs are more commonly known as flip-flops or sandals. Is everyone clear on that now?

The confusion between thongs and sandals is not what I actually planned for this article. I was going to tell you all about a new pair of leather sandals that I have from Sofia Capri. They are divine. Not cheap, but divine. They are called Via Vanassina  and I have them in light gold, with a small heal and my initials printed on them too. The price? About $250. This probably about $100 more than I’d ever spend on a pair of sandals, but now I have them it’s so worth it. I’m wearing them with everything at the moment and they are just so comfortable. I have worn them to the office with a skirt, to the mall with a pair of jeans and even to the beach with a kaftan. I may need these in other colours soon!

They are actually Capri Sandals and this pair come from Capri itself. It’s a small island off Italy in the Mediterranean that’s well known for leather work and being the 60s hangout of all the stars of that era. Each pair from this particular manufacturer is named after a street in Capri and all are created from the finest leathers. I went for the 10mm heel on this pair, but they do offer a higher 30mm option. I’m not particularly tall, so trying out the higher heel sounds like a perfect excuse to buy another pair.

Do I need to give you my recommendation? Have you read anything above?

The Great Gatsby Costume Guide


At the end of last year I attended a Great Gatsby themed bash with a few friends. In the lead up to the event I had to put a lot of thought into what I was going to wear, my hairstyle and my accessories. If you have a party just like this coming up then no doubt you’re going through this exact same process. To help you out I’ve put together a list of items and ideas you may want to take into consideration, plus what I wore myself!

The Dress


This was probably the most difficult decision to make. After a little shopping around I landed on a navy blue, knee length dress with diamante detailing around the middle from Forever New.

I chose it because I thought the sleeveless, high neck was perfect for this 1940s themed event and the diamante belt added that little bit of “sparkle” that the ladies of this time loved so. Here’s an image of me with tired eyes taking a sneaky change-room photo.


Of course there are so many ways to go when it comes to a Gatsby themed dress. Carey Mulligan in The Great Gatsby movie featuring Leonardo Di Caprio had quite an amazing and authentic wardrobe.

There’s also the flapper look that so many ladies love to dress up in when they hear about a 1940′s themed party. While this is so much fun and a really cute look, it’s actually not all that Gatsby-esque. Flappers were classified on the lower end of the social scale when it came to 1940s aristocracy, where as The Great Gatsby is set around the upper and rich working classes. It’s more about sophistication and glamour than tassles and cigarette holders.

The Jewellery


This was the fun part – getting to choose the bling! I went for statement pieces as a homage to the gorgeous Tiffany and Co. jewellery from the film. I hit up Colette and Lovisa and bought diamante studded earrings, a diamante wrap bracelet and a large, sparkly, cocktail ring. For my necklace I went all out and bought a long necklace with multiple strings of beads, channeling the layered pearl look of the time.



The Shoes


Heels were a must and for this part of my wardrobe I searched through all the pairs I owned and settled on something I thought was suitable. I went for a black and white striped pair of Tony Biancos that I bought maaaaaaany years ago.


The Hair


This was another fun one to delve into and I used trusty Pinterest to pull together some ideas. I have long hair that reaches down my back and I wanted to do something a little different and exciting. I went for the classic 1940s bob and wanted to finger wave my hair. While the fact that my hair was being tucked under made it a little difficult to finger wave it, I still got a cool, fun look.

My hairdresser used a relaxed crimping technique with a GHD and then used curlers to wrap my hair up and tuck it under my fake bob.

As for the hair piece! I think I had purchased it before I had even bought my dress. I got it from Lovisa and it went across the crown of my head.


The Make Up


For my eye make up I decided I wanted a dark look with a bit of sparkle and plowed through all my make up until I found the shades I needed. I went for dark greys and a bright silver to put together this look.


Obviously the sparkly smokey eye might not be your taste so something gold or even natural looking might be more up your alley and suit your look better.

The Final Product

And here is a terrible photo of my entire look because I forgot to actually take a good one. Please note, only one of the champagne glasses was mine!


If you’re looking for more ideas check out my Great Gatsby Pinterest board and flick through the film. There are so many gorgeous looks you can pull off for this theme!

Shimmer Nail Art


So around NYE I decided I wanted to get creative with my nail look for the big night and having done so, I have stuck with them for my nights out since. I wanted something sparkly and exciting that was the nail epitome of New Years Eve. So I invented something a little eye catching and here is my own design.


What do you guys think?

How to get organised on a budget

I’m not sure if I have ever mentioned this, but I am a crazy list maker. Sometimes, I have so many lists that I need to make a list of which list I will do first (I’m not kidding). There are so many fancy diaries, note pads, books and so on out there that want to help you get organised, but sometimes we’re not looking to spend so much on something that a pad of paper can just as easily help us out with. Instead, I’ve put together a few budget options and places you can go to get organised.

Typo – www.typo.com.au

This is my go-to place for when I need a cheap notebook or journal. They normally have a deal on their notebooks, like 3 for $10 or something, and their notebooks always have the cutest designs. It’s also great for stationary needs as well as bits and bods to help decorate your work space.

Kikki K – www.kikkik.com.au

I’m sure you’ve noticed that I loooove this store, mostly because of the organisational pads it has. I’ve got so many, from shopping lists to monthly organisers to meal planners and daily habit trackers.

Their pads normally retail for $15 and under depending, their notebooks are normally over this price.

Pinterest – www.pinterest.com

This is mostly what I want to tell you about. Pinterest is such a fun site to repost photos, share cool ideas and find inspiration for pretty much anything. I have a friend (who I know will be psyched when she sees this post) who is always reposting amazing organisational pins.

If you haven’t got Pinterest then head over to Pinterest.com, check it out and sign up if you’re willing. My suggestions for search terms are ‘organized life’ and ‘organized desk’ if you’re looking for some work space inspiration. If you’re looking for a cheap alternative to those goal notebooks and organisers you’d normally have to pay a small fortune for, then I’d suggest searching ‘organizational printables’.

You’ll find some amazing worksheets to help set goals, plan days and start resolutions. I’ve found a few for you to try, click on the images you like and they’ll take you to their Pinterest pages and original sources!

Free samples and where to find them


A few weeks ago I decided I wanted to be a little eclectic with the products I review and try out, so I went on the hunt for some sample sites that might help me out.

If you’re unsure about what exactly a sample site is, I’ll be happy to tell you! Basically it’s a site you either sign up to and request product samples as they come out, or it’s a site that you can search through, select a sample and then be forwarded onto the site the sample is coming from. You might have to sign up to something, fill out an online survey or simply just pop your details in. You can basically sample anything that’s available that week, from food to cosmetics to baby products.

So are you a little interested? Free stuff!! Here are a few sites you can go to to get your samples.

Pinch Me – www.pinchme.com.au

This is probably one of the most popular sample sites. All you have to do is sign up to the site and jump online every week to claim your sample. This site get’s a little criticism because of its heavy focus on baby products but it’s trying to change its tune. You can sample a bunch of food products and even get your pets in on the fun with pet samples. And everything gets delivered right to your door.

Easy Ways to Save Money – www.easywaystosavemoney.com.au

This is one site that has its fingers in all the pies. Basically with this sample site, it brings you all the samples it can find and lets you choose which one you want to go with, then it sends you to the site offering the sample. So for example, if there’s an Escada perfume sample and you want to try it out you’ll just click on the link and it will take you to Escada’s website so you can claim the sample. This site also has great tips on how to save money and survive on a budget, so it’s worth having a look.

Free Samples Australia – www.freesamplesaustralia.net

With this site, what you see is what you get. It collects samples for all kinds of products from across the web and puts them all together for you on their website. They do a large range of cosmetics and beauty product samples and they find samples that will be delivered to your door, or supply you with a voucher you can print off and take to the store of your samples choosing. You will definitely find something you want to try on this site.

4aus.com – www.4aus.com

This sample site wants to make sure you find what you’re looking for, it’s easy to navigate so you only see the types of offers you want to see. And if you’re the type that loves to win, then this site might be the one for you. Not only do they gather samples, they also gather competitions and will point you in the right direction of the one you want to enter. You can also find coupons for a range of stores such as The Iconic. What more could you want?!

Women Freebies – womanfreebies.com

This is a great site to find all your lady samples in one place. Cosmetics, beauty products, haircare; whatever you need, it’s here. Once again you’ll get pushed in the right direction for the sample you want and there are even a few coupons and competitions in the mix. What’s great about this site is that every week they’ll email you to give you a rundown of the samples and competitions that are happening so you don’t miss out!

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