Let’s Talk About Thongs…

As an Australian I think nothing of writing something about leather thongs. However, I hadn’t given much thought to what this might mean to our European cousins. It would appear that some would assume I wasn’t talking about footwear at all. They would think that I was telling them about a G-string……in leather or perhaps even rubber. To make this as post as enlightening as possible let me clear up the terms that they use. What we call thongs are more commonly known as flip-flops or sandals. Is everyone clear on that now?

The confusion between thongs and sandals is not what I actually planned for this article. I was going to tell you all about a new pair of leather sandals that I have from Sofia Capri. They are divine. Not cheap, but divine. They are called Via Vanassina  and I have them in light gold, with a small heal and my initials printed on them too. The price? About $250. This probably about $100 more than I’d ever spend on a pair of sandals, but now I have them it’s so worth it. I’m wearing them with everything at the moment and they are just so comfortable. I have worn them to the office with a skirt, to the mall with a pair of jeans and even to the beach with a kaftan. I may need these in other colours soon!

They are actually Capri Sandals and this pair come from Capri itself. It’s a small island off Italy in the Mediterranean that’s well known for leather work and being the 60s hangout of all the stars of that era. Each pair from this particular manufacturer is named after a street in Capri and all are created from the finest leathers. I went for the 10mm heel on this pair, but they do offer a higher 30mm option. I’m not particularly tall, so trying out the higher heel sounds like a perfect excuse to buy another pair.

Do I need to give you my recommendation? Have you read anything above?

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