I’m Already Planning My Winter Wardrobe – Yes In September!


Yeah okay, I know that it might seem a little over the top to be trying to figure out what i’ll be stepping out in this winter but the fact of the matter is, plan ahead and you should be able to net yourself some pretty impressive deals ahead of time.

I’m over in the UK right now and that means that unlike the winters of shorts and vest tops that I am so used to back home in Australia, my wardrobe has to be able to give me that warming feeling, even during the latter end of the so called ‘Summer season’ here.

Now don’t get me wrong, I might well have said that I am planning my winter outfits but that doesn’t mean that you will see me walking through the centre of London hauling bags packed with gloves and mittens, instead i’m trying to see what I grab at a cheaper price in November’s sales.

Okay so looking now might not be revealing the latest collections to me but there are a number of fashion fundamentals that I always look to have in good supply and it helps to know that when you are faced with a flash sale for women’s clothing like we have become accustom to thanks to the UK’s willingness to adopt the Black Friday mentality, it helps to know what you are looking out for.

I’ll be looking to create some more fashion guides like the Gatsby costume one that I did which will take you through what inspired my choices and what it looks like when finished, but in the meantime, maybe you should be planning what you want to get your hands on next time the prices are slashed and the goodies are up for grabs?

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