Amazon Create The Echo Look For Fashion Lovers across The World

Well I have never heard anything quite like it, nor did I know that I needed one of these but it seems that Amazon have once again thought of everything after they announced their Amazon Echo Look.

A hands-free and voice activated camera created for those of us that love fashion, it allows you to not only take full length images of your outfit but creates a lookbook for you as well as offering you the chance to take a look at your outfit from every angle to make sure that you have everything just right!

While you may well be blown away by the fact that Amazon have created a camera that will eliminate the need to send photos to your friends for their opinion, don’t get too ahead of yourself as they have even worked in a feature called “Style Check” that will allow someone to give you a second opinion on your outfit choice based on current fashion trends.

Although not on sale just yet, it seems that at $200 they could be priced right for those of us that love to ensure that we are covering all fashion angles and forecasters are saying that they think that they will be flying off their shelves as soon as they open for sale.

As great as they sound, I think that I will stick with the somewhat brutally honest opinion of the girls for the moment and keep the $200 for more fashion buys!

What do you think to it?

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