Overcoming The Challenge of Finding Boots For Thinner Legs

One of the problems that seems to haunt many of the girls that I know is the fact that they can’t seem to find knee boots that fit them correctly and although it seems that wider calf boots are hot property in the footwear world, the selection for those with finer legs is significantly smaller.

Now it is important to point out that although you may have skinny legs, that doesn’t mean that you have to buy boots thinking that you are going to have to pair them with boot socks to get that snug fit, there are steps that you can take when looking to buy your next pair of boots.

After speaking to a couple of the girls, they gave me a couple of pointers for those that seem to be lost for where to start when looking to buy new boots, kind of a checklist for when you are looking to buy so lets take a look at what they suggest.

Know your measurements – Although buying boots can be an addiction to many it seems that most of us simply go and try boots on to find out which styles fit our legs rather than being ‘in the know’, so take your measurements with a tape measure and alter the way you are looking for boots with attention paid to the measurements you now know.

Opt for adjustable styles – Not all boots come with a seamless look and there are plenty of option out there that incorporate laces and fasteners into their look. These style of boots will allow you to draw the wider aspect of the boot in to get that better feeling fit that you are looking for.

Shop around – While many retailers do offer measurements on all their products, unfortunately there are a few that don’t and that can make buying the right pair of boots more of a challenge than it needs to be.

Check out specific brands and websites known for catering for them – Believe it or not there are a number of brands and dedicated websites online that focus on women’s footwear designed for thinner legs, with brands such as Nordstorm a great choice or a quick Google search will bring up sites with posts like this one that is made for narrow calf boots.

Expect to pay more – Unfortunately one of the realities here is that with thinner legs you are potentially going to have to look at spending a little more than those of us with average sized calves, simply because cheaper brands adopt a ‘one size fits all’ approach, albeit not always true.

Sorry girls but that is all we have for you at the moment but I am always willing to add more to the list, so if you have thin legs and have some wisdom to share with my readers, please feel free to comment your tips below and I will get the best ones added in.

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