The Great Gatsby Costume Guide

At the end of last year I attended a Great Gatsby themed bash with a few friends. In the lead up to the event I had to put a lot of thought into what I was going to wear, my hairstyle and my accessories. If you have a party just like this coming up then no doubt you’re going through this exact same process. To help you out I’ve put together a list of items and ideas you may want to take into consideration, plus what I wore myself!

The Dress


This was probably the most difficult decision to make. After a little shopping around I landed on a navy blue, knee length dress with diamante detailing around the middle from Forever New.

I chose it because I thought the sleeveless, high neck was perfect for this 1940s themed event and the diamante belt added that little bit of “sparkle” that the ladies of this time loved so. Here’s an image of me with tired eyes taking a sneaky change-room photo.


Of course there are so many ways to go when it comes to a Gatsby themed dress. Carey Mulligan in The Great Gatsby movie featuring Leonardo Di Caprio had quite an amazing and authentic wardrobe.

There’s also the flapper look that so many ladies love to dress up in when they hear about a 1940′s themed party. While this is so much fun and a really cute look, it’s actually not all that Gatsby-esque. Flappers were classified on the lower end of the social scale when it came to 1940s aristocracy, where as The Great Gatsby is set around the upper and rich working classes. It’s more about sophistication and glamour than tassles and cigarette holders.

The Jewellery


This was the fun part – getting to choose the bling! I went for statement pieces as a homage to the gorgeous Tiffany and Co. jewellery from the film. I hit up Colette and Lovisa and bought diamante studded earrings, a diamante wrap bracelet and a large, sparkly, cocktail ring. For my necklace I went all out and bought a long necklace with multiple strings of beads, channeling the layered pearl look of the time.



The Shoes


Heels were a must and for this part of my wardrobe I searched through all the pairs I owned and settled on something I thought was suitable. I went for a black and white striped pair of Tony Biancos that I bought maaaaaaany years ago.


The Hair


This was another fun one to delve into and I used trusty Pinterest to pull together some ideas. I have long hair that reaches down my back and I wanted to do something a little different and exciting. I went for the classic 1940s bob and wanted to finger wave my hair. While the fact that my hair was being tucked under made it a little difficult to finger wave it, I still got a cool, fun look.

My hairdresser used a relaxed crimping technique with a GHD and then used curlers to wrap my hair up and tuck it under my fake bob.

As for the hair piece! I think I had purchased it before I had even bought my dress. I got it from Lovisa and it went across the crown of my head.


The Make Up


For my eye make up I decided I wanted a dark look with a bit of sparkle and plowed through all my make up until I found the shades I needed. I went for dark greys and a bright silver to put together this look.


Obviously the sparkly smokey eye might not be your taste so something gold or even natural looking might be more up your alley and suit your look better.

The Final Product

And here is a terrible photo of my entire look because I forgot to actually take a good one. Please note, only one of the champagne glasses was mine!


If you’re looking for more ideas check out my Great Gatsby Pinterest board and flick through the film. There are so many gorgeous looks you can pull off for this theme!

Shimmer Nail Art

So around NYE I decided I wanted to get creative with my nail look for the big night and having done so, I have stuck with them for my nights out since. I wanted something sparkly and exciting that was the nail epitome of New Years Eve. So I invented something a little eye catching and here is my own design.


What do you guys think?